Gabay Chemicals Inc. is a Canadian Chemical Specialty distributor covering various industries such as:

  • Coatings & Graphic Arts
  • Adhesives
  • Explosives
  • Detergents & Cosmetics
  • Textile chemicals
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Pulp & Paper

Gabay Chemicals Inc. has its head office in Montreal, and, serves the Canadian, the US and Mexican industries.

We represent several leading worldwide manufacturing companies, which enables us to offer high quality raw materials at very competitive prices.

We possess a thorough knowledge of our market.

We provide our customers with professional technical services including safety seminars to ensure the proper handling of our controlled products.

We maintain the highest standards with regards to quality and service to our customers.

Gabay Chemicals Inc. is a member of the Federation of Societies for Coatings Technology, Oil & Colour Chemists Organization, the Canadian Professional Sales Association.

Our company is known for its on-time deliveries, for maintaining stock in all our product grades, as well, as for being a dependable source for development and cooperation.